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We create a sustainable future with today's decisions. We work on solutions that generate real change.


Environmental Psychology 

Environmental problems have arisen from beliefs and behaviors of the human mindset, ultil now the solutions have been based on technical and not psychological orientations.The application of behavioral sciences allows meeting the needs of socio-environmental change that are currently required.


In this area of work we carry out projects for improve environmental policies and actions. Through the understanding of human behavior and the design of behavioral strategies and the building capacity of work teams.


Technologies for nature conservation

Science and technology have revolutionized our lives, process automation and new trends give us ideas to create solutions towards a healthier world.

We develop CARBONBOX, a technological solution that facilitates the estimation of carbon footprints and the carbon neutrality of companies and supply chains. 


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Alke Yala: Social transformation South - South

Getting new audiences engaged in the appropriation of solutions for climate change is the task of this generation.

ALKE YALA is a South-South technical, cultural and artistic exchange program that seeks to harness the potential for social transformation to communicate and appropriate the climate urgency. With our allies Lem Ketema in Ethiopia we develop projects to share experiences and implement effective actions.


Climate change consultancy

Saving the planet is not an option, it is our obligation. We can all take actions to manage our impacts and the effects of a changing climate.

We support the processes of our public and private clients to:

  • Create and improve the accounting and reporting of Greenhouse Gases and adaptation impacts in climate change projects, plans and programs (MRV and M&E systems)

  • Design and implement public and corporate strategies for climate change management.

  • Formulate climate projects with international or national investor standards.


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The solution is in our hands, every day we decide to make a change for the well-being of all.

Our solutions


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Our clients

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The future is conscious development,our daily task.



All of us - nature, people and our systems - are one unit. At KIMSA we create sustainable solutions based on the recognition of the inextricable connection between the individual, the wider society and all the forms of life that surround us.

Our motivation is to make effective and lasting changes in organizations and people that benefit both nature, of which all things and people are a part, and the corporate objectives of our clients. We put all our knowledge and creative impulse to generate useful and replicable products, and implement innovative solutions that challenge the current systemic structure of development.

With KIMSA we want to take control of our future and transform our reality through ideas that transform people, companies and nature.


Acá puedes consultar nuestro Informe de Gestión del año 2022 


What if we do something different?

It is time to see the challenges from another point of view. KIMSA proposes a fresh, neutral and innovative approach to find conscious development solutions.


We make the most complex problems simple. We don't make encyclopedias!

Our results are brief and understandable, we focus on the essentials: robust technical foundations, arguments and high-quality results.


Good results are generated through good means.

At KIMSA we develop processes and products hand in hand with our clients to ensure their applicability and continuity.




We work with a Hub of professionals who believe that conscious development is possible. We are professionals of the highest quality, avant-garde and innately creative, who are committed to obtaining useful results with a positive net impact and easy to implement.

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Viviana Bohorquez


Curious and passionate about innovative solutions

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Philip Torres

Carbonbox Leader

Creative and committed to good results

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Natalia Gutierrez

Leader in climate management

Strategic, builder of ideas and motivations

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xiomara acevedo

Leader in governance 

Manager of collaborations between sectors and generations

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Carolina Quinones

Leader in environmental psychology

Listen, take perspective and propose alternatives

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seble samuel

South-South Program Leader

Empath, creator of intercultural connections

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